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The Printech Label family Ron began, strives to honor Ron's memory with hard work and a positive attitude.

Ron served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Printech Label until his death on November 10th 2004. In August of 2005, Ron's widow, Claudette, and his Daughter, Cindy Mitchell, worked with and supported Vicki Barbour and Kelly Weaver in their efforts to purchase the stock of Printech Label Corporation and ensure its continued success.



Over the next 30 years, Ron spent time with several corporations, building a vast knowledge of the printing industry. Ron was charged with developing new products and increasing sales for several corporations. This experience lead Ron to founding Printech Label Corporation in 1993.

Ron Christensen


Ron Christensen was born in Chadron, Nebraska on August 26th 1937, to Charles and Cleo Christensen. Ron entered Georgia Tech in 1955, joined Phi Kappa Fraternity, and landed a job with the United States Steele's Fairless Works in Pennsylvania, where he began the process of working his way through school. In 1960, Ron earned a BFA in Chemical Engineering. Ron married Claudette Ransom, an Atlanta native, in September of 1961 and in 1968 their daughter Cynthia (Cindy) Adrienne was born. Over his career he lived and worked in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, and Morristown, NJ before landing in Atlanta, GA.